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How it works

We've made working remotely abroad as easy as working home. Choose your destination, select your dates and we'll do the rest.

Step 1

Choose your

Choose your location
Step 2

Select your dates, customize your accommodation and book with a deposit.

Free cancellation 30 days before departure.
Step 3

Land there, get settled in and meet our local support.

Step 1
Pick your destination, choose your dates and check availability for either 2021 or 2022.

Step 2
Customize your package with optional upgrades, then secure with a deposit.

Step 3
Land there, collect your keys, meet our local team and feel at home.


The perfect blend of personality and comfort.

With accommodations that combine personality and comfort whilst being ideally located, your new base will become your new home.

This combination encourages a feeling of familiarity in your new surroundings, and with a third of your life spent at home, Landthere ensures it’s a comfortable time.

You’ll find everything you’ll need for an easy transition and ongoing lifestyle, including high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, smart TVs, washer/dryers and comfortable beds.


A world-class environment, socially and professionally.

For some, a quiet office area is ideal. Others prefer forming a part of a thriving, engaging and social workspace. The vibe is as important as the location.

You will find your new desk in one of the best co-working spaces available, all ideally located. It will provide a creative, Covid-safe and productive environment to take on your daily tasks.

Whether you’re working through your email backlog, collaborating on Zoom, or making sales calls, your new workspace can make it happen.

Local support

Your personal support coordinator is just a call away.

Delving into a new place is an exciting frenzy, so our team focuses on logistics, leaving you to deal with settling in.

On arrival, your personal support coordinator will be waiting. Our team of local experts know and love their cities, and will always be full of local recommendations for you to sample.

So if you’re looking for that secret coffee bar that Google doesn’t know about, or a rousing bar playing your favourite music, your personal support coordinator is just a call away.

Travel insurance

Have confidence in being covered for the unexpected.

We’ve got you covered for your entire trip. A comprehensive medical and travel insurance package removes the ‘what ifs’, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on the adventure.

With 24/7 access to emergency medical/travel assistance, easy-to-use online tools and multilingual specialists, you’ll have full confidence in being covered from the unexpected.

For those with expensive work equipment, there will also be the option to extend your coverage to include contents.

Work/Life Balance

Living your best life, without sacrificing work.

Landthere provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that travel provides, all whilst continuing in the job you enjoy.

With the remote working environment becoming semi-permanent post-Covid, it provides the perfect chance to finally bring your career and travel together as one.

Our tailored work integration strategy will ensure that you’ve got the best of both worlds, whilst keeping your capacity unaffected and ready for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay in instalments?

All of our packages are available with several payment options. Your first payment is simply a deposit, which allows you greater flexibility in securing your place, whilst planning for the future. You can also discuss payment plans directly with our team.

Can I work/travel to multple cities?

Certainly. Landthere can help facilitate both individual trips and multi-leg journeys, which can expand your professional base across the world. With all logistics taken care of, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your primary focus can be your work (and enjoyment).

Are the workspaces COVID-19 safe?

Yes. We have ensured that we have worked alongside professional providers, who take the utmost care in protecting their on-site visitors. Guidelines and laws set out by respective countries are vigorously followed, with regular cleaning, social distance and other hygiene measures in place.

Can people travel in groups?

Currently, there are restrictions worldwide on groups meeting up, to rightly stop the spread of Covid-19, and Landthere will always adhere to all current guidelines set out by respective governments. Once these restrictions have been lifted, Landthere will have the capacity and network to facilitate larger groups of staff working abroad, so please contact us if you would like to discuss your 2021/2022 options.


Give your team the gift of travel.

Attract, retain and reward your staff with the ultimate travel perk. With zero interruption to their day-to-day work.

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