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Revitalise your remote work force in three simple steps

Include Landthere Remote Working Miles as part of your employment or perk package, co-pay, or simply endorse for your staff to work abroad for a specific number of weeks each year.

Step 1

Choose your
Landthere Miles Package

Decide on the number of staff you intend to incentivise and select a corresponding package.

Step 2

Gift the Landthere Miles Package

Use Landthere Miles to reward an individual, a whole team or to attract new staff. Co-paying is possible.

Step 3

Redeem the Landthere Miles Package

Your staff can redeem their Landthere Miles package at any of our six locations, all year round.

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Step 1
Pick your destination, choose your dates and check availability for either 2021 or 2022.

Step 2
Customize your package with optional upgrades, then secure with a deposit.

Step 3
Land there, collect your keys, meet our local team and feel at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the Landthere Miles packages?

All Landthere Miles packages include high quality accommodation, top notch co-working spaces, 24/7 comprehensive medical and travel insurance and a local coordinator.

Can Landthere Miles be used in multiple locations?

Certainly. Landthere can help facilitate both individual trips and multi-leg journeys. With all logistics taken care of, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your employees’ primary focus can be their work (and enjoyment).

Will employees still have uninterrupted work coverage?

Yes. Both the accommodation provided and the workspace secured have hi-speed wifi, meaning there’s no drop in coverage, no matter where your employees are. In comparison to ‘work from home’ businesses, you’ll notice no difference in approach, albeit different time zones and happier employees.

How do I - or my employees - claim their Landthere Miles?

Simply reach out to our team with your preferred dates and your selected location(s) and our team will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

What are your options for enterprise / team remote working?

Landthere has the capacity and network to facilitate larger groups of staff working abroad, please contact us if you would like to discuss tailored packages.

Will workspaces be Covid safe?

Yes. We work with reputable workspace providers, who are all working with the current guidelines set out by the respective country’s governments. Your employees’ safety is our priority.

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Give your team the gift of travel. You can include the experience as part of the employment or perk package, co-pay, or simply endorse for your staff to work abroad for a specific number of weeks each year. Turn the headache of trying to facilitate remote working into an exciting opportunity of growth for you and your staff.

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