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8 Tips on Working Remotely in a Different Country

Mike Haycock
April 30, 2021

Working remotely in a different country has long been a dream for creative digital nomads, one which has featured hip retreats and relaxed coffees by the beach. Yet, with society’s acceleration towards a remote working environment, this opportunity has now become available to a wider array of industries.

Businesses that have pivoted in the face of a potential issue have found themselves at the forefront of embracing an exciting opportunity, one which works for all parties. Studies have now shown that, when utilised well, remote working has contributed to a rise in productivity and engagement. Yet, it’s the chance to find a long-sought-after work/life balance that is capturing the attention of many.

Have you ever wanted to travel the world? To delve into new cultures and escape the cubicle for long enough to experience new cities? Yet, because of a steadfast commitment to your job (one which you enjoy and have no intention of leaving), your dreams of travel have become an unfortunate casualty of a routine that hasn’t needed change? If so, you’re not alone.

Remote working is the perfect moment to wrestle the correct balance back in your favour.

By all means, continue to progress in your current role. However, with the two-thirds of life you spend out of the office you can look at adding some spice back into it, by working remotely in a different country.

Whether you find yourself in your backroom in your hometown, a kitchen converted into a makeshift office, or a vibrant, social workspace in the heart of Barcelona, you’re still doing your best work, progressing and impressing. So why not do it somewhere you’ve always wanted to immerse yourself in?

By choosing a supplier who facilitates the entire trip, your sole focus is on discovering the sweet spot for your work/life balance. So we’ve put together our top tips on working remotely in a different country, to make sure the next stage of your working lifestyle is as smooth one.

Photo by David Hellmann on Unsplash

Secure a solid base

You should not underestimate the importance of having a solid base to call ‘home’.

Although hotels have a level of comfort, the shine wears off, and the corporate chain feel takes over, as you see the wider business in play each day. When working remotely in a different country, having your own apartment is vital. One which “feels” like a home. One which feels right, and one which you’re equally as comfortable being in for a day as if you were back home. 

By having a homely environment within a new city, it provides you with the perfect launchpad to enjoy everything else on offer.

Establish a routine

No matter if you’re in New York, Liverpool or Berlin, establishing a routine is crucial to settle.

The bright lights of new cities can be alluring, but ensuring your work routine is in place means you’ll focus on your job first, with the sightseeing happening in your own time. It’s easy to allow such a trip feel like a holiday, but remember that you’re still expected to maintain the same output as if you were in that makeshift home office back home.

Routine brings results, so adapt to the fact this new city is your new home.

Photo by myHQ Workspaces on Unsplash

Set your work environment

Having the right work environment is as vital abroad as it is at home.

By now, you’ve realised it can be all too easy to allow Netflix to distract you, or to even become disillusioned with a home due to never getting away from the same four walls, breakfast, lunch and dinner. When working remotely in a different country, it can be tempting to think of working next to the beach with a margarita in hand. Now, although that’s a tempting idea for the quieter Friday afternoon, settle on an engaging workspace for your standard workweek. Use your work environment to promote a productive state of mind, one which also engages you socially and physically.

Get out of bed, get to a workspace with personality and don’t be afraid to get involved.

Make sure you ask for what you need

Employers who are embracing the remote work situation are doing their utmost in ensuring a smooth transition for employees.

Some have been versatile in altering work hours (if the business allows), whereas others are providing new pieces of software to help encourage communication between teams. Working remotely abroad is the same as working remotely at home, so if you need support to keep productivity high, don’t resist asking for it.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

Frequent check-ins

As we’ve moved towards working from home, it’s meant that the social, face-to-face, in-person interaction has decreased.

This has led to the spectacular growth of the likes of Slack and Zoom, which have brought teams together, albeit online. Some have argued it’s actually helped productivity, through the removal of pointless meetings in-person. Yet, for the most part, we’re social creatures and we do need some interaction in our everyday lives. Even if you prefer keeping a lower profile, it’s important to stay in the loop with the going’s on at work, as it’s easy to allow a chasm to form if you don’t.

It’s a two-way street, so show you’re interested in keeping involved. 

Find the correct work/life balance

Take time in experimenting with what works best for you, but don’t allow the scales to tip too far in one direction.

By all means, ensure that you’re meeting targets and keeping up the same levels of creativity as before. But you’re also in one of the most sought-after destinations in the world. Enjoy this incredible experience for what it is, and embrace your new city as your own. 

But (and it’s a big one), don’t embrace the lifestyle so much that your work suffers. Being a social butterfly is good, but if your sampling the local nightlife multiple times a week as though it’s a holiday, then your work will also have a hangover.

Working abroad in a different country works when you find the sweet spot in your work-life balance.

Photo by Veronica Benavides on Unsplash

Explore your surroundings

Make your commute to work a memorable one, or embrace the local culture on your lunch break.

Outside of your work routine is the time to embrace this adventure for what it is. Take your time and grab a macchiato in a quintessential New York bakery. Pick up some paella from a quaint Spanish side-street restaurant in Barcelona to eat near the beach.

Each unknown area becomes a new street to enjoy, and you may even find places you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Embrace the opportunities

Working abroad in another country is an opportunity like no other.

The chance to explore, to feel, to see, to reach, to try, to taste, to love, to discuss, to thrill, to experience. These chances come from being out of your comfort zone, from taking a chance in trying something new. By doing so, your comfort zone becomes that little bit bigger every day, and your development as a person follows suit.

Treat the trip as the adventure that it is, and who knows what opportunities may come up along on the journey.

With our work environments shifting for good, it’s time to start embracing the possibility of creating that aspirational work-life balance.

This is an opportunity that may not have presented itself otherwise and it is a real way of finally fulfilling both the desire to continue working, whilst exploring the very best of what this planet has to offer.

You no longer have to sacrifice one for the other, and by implementing these tips for working remotely in a different country, you’ll be on the cusp of having the best of both worlds, all within one trip.

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