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Why we started

Cultural exchange brings with it positivity, experience and opportunity, complimented by the adventure of travel. We facilitate such a journey for professionals, where you can reap the rewards both personally and professionally.

Anticipating the shift in the global work environment towards remote working, an interesting opportunity became an exciting idea, which resulted in a solid business plan. The rest, as they say, is history - Landthere was born.

Landthere utilises a network of experienced travel professionals, who possess the same unifying values and desire to make a difference around the world. By creating a dedicated team with a culture built around passion and a desire for excellence, we are proud to do our bit in providing cultural experiences, personal and professional growth, and global citizenship through international remote work.

Our values


Whether in their new home or the co-working space, your employee will be an integral part of the local communities. We want to strengthen this and encourage efforts to positively contribute to them.


Travel and cultural exchange should not be reserved for the privileged. Landthere provides and encourages these opportunities for everyone, to feel the benefits that they bring.


As a community, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard, to ensure we provide the best possible service, for our community, partners and providers.


We all have a moral responsibility to engage an awareness on sustainability, in all areas of our business and how we approach our work.


We pride ourself on being an international business, bringing together nationalities from around the world, each committed to inclusivity and diversity.


Self-development is at the heart of everything we do, with growth playing a pivotal role in developing as human beings, and in turn, the communities around us.

Work with us

As a growing company, we are always looking for great talent who fit into our culture and are equally passionate about cultural exchange, global citizenship and personal and professional growth as we are.

If you think you are a great fit, and would like to be part of a community of like-minded individuals who are focused on making a positive impact, then please get in touch with us below.

Our team

The Landthere team is composed of members from around the world, all of which share a passion for cultural exchange. We're proud to be an inclusive business and our diverse range of backgrounds, nationalities and experiences shape our forward-thinking approach to work and travel.

Bastian Weinberger

Bastian has over 16 years experience in cultural exchange (seven of which as CEO of one of the fastest-growing businesses within the industry) and has served on boards and advisory panels for the wider travel community. Born in Germany and having lived and worked in the US and the UK, Bastian is front and centre in promoting life-changing experiences abroad.

Karin Post

Karin started working in the cultural exchange industry in 2007 and is very passionate about human relations and cultivating a healthy work/life balance. Born in the Netherlands and having spent 13 years calling Australia home, she is currently based in Spain. For 5+ years she has been working from her laptop, all across Europe, Latin America, Asia and Oceania, it's safe to say she has fully embraced remote working.

Jochen Ostermann

Having worked in the travel industry since 1993, Jochen's extensive experience in running successful businesses has taken him around the world, from his home in Germany to his current residence in Florida, US. Having been in the global cultural exchange industry for the past 18 years, Jochen is no stranger to working remotely and this has allowed him to craft a new-age outlook towards work.

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Our culture

We’re passionate about creating an engaging, inclusive and forward-thinking culture, and to translate that into everything we do for our customers. This is reflected throughout the business and is representative of who each of us are as individuals.

By cultivating such an approach, it allows us to offer the best possible approach in creating truly life-changing opportunities for our community.

Our beliefs

We believe in a healthy, engaging work-life balance, which, by choosing to work in settings which inspire you, allows you to grow and develop as a person.

We believe that immersing yourself into another culture is one of the most impactful ways to learn - not only about the country but about yourself, too.

We believe that the best employers are the ones that truly care about their staff and want them to grow, thrive and develop, whilst taking pride in helping them get the job done effectively. 

We believe that in the diverse and globalised world we live in, it will take true, global citizens to become leaders of the future.

We believe that global citizens will have a momentous impact in making the world a better, safer and kinder place.

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