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Revitalise your remote workforce

Attract, retain and reward your staff with the ultimate travel perk. With zero interruption from day-to-day work.

Include Landthere Remote Working Miles as part of your employment or perk package, co-pay, or simply endorse for your staff to work abroad for a specific number of weeks each year.

With the combination of high-quality accommodation and top notch co-working spaces in 6 major European cities, there will be zero interruption from day-to-day work.

Key Benefits

Dramatically increase your staff retention

Keeping your best talent has always been a challenge, yet this is more difficult now than ever before. Landthere provides staff opportunities to expand their horizons and grow as a person - all whilst maximising efficiency and retaining work coverage.

Attract the best talent immediately

It’s important to bring in the best talent and doing so will require a more competitive offering. Travel adds glamour to a remuneration package, but a glamour which will certainly become the new-age standard in ensuring employee satisfaction.

Provide aspirational growth opportunities

A culture of growth creates the correct conditions for success in a forward-thinking environment. The opportunity to travel allows your business to contribute high impact growth to your staff, without any interruption to output or capacity.

global networks

If your employees are operating around the world, they represent your business there, too. Your business can be present in cities such as New York and Berlin, providing an international vision for your business future.

diverse thinking

Businesses need to encourage diverse thinking, by employees with a range of experiences. An immersion into a different culture ensures you’ll bring a fresh outlook to the business through a collective awareness of diversity.

Promote a positive
work-life balance

A positive work-life balance is important, but it’s vital that employers actively champion it. By offering your staff the opportunity for this balance, it highlights how you’ll go above and beyond for them.

Landthere Miles Packages Inclusions

Travel insurance
Local support
Expert visa support
We take care of it all.

The perfect blend of personality and comfort.

With accommodations that combine personality and comfort whilst being ideally located, your new base will become your new home.

This combination encourages a feeling of familiarity in your new surroundings, and with a third of your life spent at home, Landthere ensures it’s a comfortable time.

You’ll find everything you’ll need for an easy transition and ongoing lifestyle, including high-speed internet, fully equipped kitchens, smart TVs, washer/dryers and comfortable beds.


A world-class environment, socially and professionally.

For some, a quiet office area is ideal. Others prefer forming a part of a thriving, engaging and social workspace. The vibe is as important as the location.

You will find your new desk in one of the best co-working spaces available, all ideally located. It will provide a creative, Covid-safe and productive environment to take on your daily tasks.

Whether you’re working through your email backlog, collaborating on Zoom, or making sales calls, your new workspace can make it happen.

Local support

Your personal support coordinator is just a call away.

Delving into a new place is an exciting frenzy, so our team focuses on logistics, leaving you to deal with settling in.

On arrival, your personal support coordinator will be waiting. Our team of local experts know and love their cities, and will always be full of local recommendations for you to sample.

So if you’re looking for that secret coffee bar that Google doesn’t know about, or a rousing bar playing your favourite music, your personal support coordinator is just a call away.

Travel insurance

Have confidence in being covered for the unexpected.

We’ve got you covered for your entire trip. A comprehensive medical and travel insurance package removes the ‘what ifs’, allowing you the peace of mind to focus on the adventure.

With 24/7 access to emergency medical/travel assistance, easy-to-use online tools and multilingual specialists, you’ll have full confidence in being covered from the unexpected.

For those with expensive work equipment, there will also be the option to extend your coverage to include contents.

Work/Life Balance

Living your best life, without sacrificing work.

Landthere provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits that travel provides, all whilst continuing in the job you enjoy.

With the remote working environment becoming semi-permanent post-Covid, it provides the perfect chance to finally bring your career and travel together as one.

Our tailored work integration strategy will ensure that you’ve got the best of both worlds, whilst keeping your capacity unaffected and ready for business.

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The world of work is changing.

"65% report wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% want a hybrid remote work environment."

Flex Jobs

"The majority [...] changing jobs cite boredom and the need for new challenges as the top reason why they are leaving."

SMARP/Korn Ferry

"In a survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that remote collaboration is here to stay for the long-term."


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Give your team the gift of travel. You can include the experience as part of the employment or perk package, co-pay, or simply endorse for your staff to work abroad for a specific number of weeks each year. Turn the headache of trying to facilitate remote working into an exciting opportunity of growth for you and your staff.

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